Tell Your Kensington Story

My Kensington! is a participatory storytelling project about Toronto’s Kensington Market.


PersonPlaceStory collects stories about people and their places. My Kensington! looks at how people experience and understand this special place in the heart of Toronto. There’s obviously a lot of stories.


You get to participate in some fun art/story/digital media making!Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.22.10 PM
You get to support innovative social science research!
You get to tell a story!


1) You pick your favourite place/thing in Kensington…  2) You take a picture…  3) You tell a story…  4) We share…


  1. Email me Andrew Wright —>
  2. I email you back —> with easy-to-follow project instructions.
  3. We meet in the market —> Anywhere anytime, whenever you’re passing through!
  4. You take a picture —> of a meaningful place or something that is cool. I help you, I bring the camera.
  5. You tell a cool story —> about your picture and the place. I record your story in video.
  6. Your story gets shared —> your story joins the others here at

*You retain the rights to your content. Your participation is voluntary. You are free to withdraw and remove your content at any time* 


This is the place



Me. Andrew Wright. Writer, editor, media maker, creative communications pro ( or @cawcreative). Lover of good stories and urban places. MA Communication student finishing a thesis on Urban Ecosystems + Storytelling…Your participation will help me learn!

Questions? Please email Andrew at

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Any ideas, input, advise, comments, concerns….are welcomed! Please get in touch!

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