We are connected.

PersonPlaceStory is a storytelling project that collects, shares, tells stories about people and their places. From innercity neighbourhoods to rural townships, our unique senses of place are key to understanding the ecosystems that interweave our communities, cultures, environments and economies.

The goal of PersonPlaceStory is to look at how we experience place. What our places mean to us, how they get used, how they are shared and what makes them good. Better understanding can lead to better  problem solving and better decision making.

Our first project: MY KENSINGTON!

PersonalPlaceStory was inspired by urban possibilities and environmental concerns. From rural resource development to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, on all fronts we are faced with rapidly changing landscapes. It is easy to overlook the human dimension.

How can we make better choices about our environments? Choices that account for the social and cultural fabrics that enrich our lives, communities, and economies. Choices that make for sustainable ecosystems and environments.

And at the centre of it all…is of course the STORY! How we communicate, how we understand, how we make sense of our selves and where we are…all starts with a story. PersonPlaceStory starts with yours!

Our first project: MY KENSINGTON!



Andrew Wright is an independent writer, researcher, professional communicator and media arts maker. He writes, researches and creates at the digital intersection of culture, media and environment. www.cawcreative.ca

This is an ongoing passion project that emerged as part of a study completed for the thesis requirements for the MA program in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University.

Please contact with any questions: EMAIL


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