My Kensington!

My Kensington!

PersonPlaceStory learns about the forces at work in Toronto’s Kensington Market!

Kensington Market: Toronto’s forever eclectic, diverse, independent and endearing inner-city neighbourhood. It is/has been/was everything to so many different people, all at once. A bohemian hub. A hotbed for punks anarachists. A place to buy groceries. A place to pray. A cultural exchange. An artist’s dream. A modernist planner’s nightmare. And a first home and landing site for generations of Canadian immigrants.

What this place means and how it gets used is as diverse as the people who fill Kensington’s streets and shops. It’s is a site of constant change and public possibility. Some say, the heart and soul of Toronto, or the symbol of Canada’s vibrant multicultural urban dream.

My Kensington! collects stories from people on the street. Residents, visitors, workers, business owners, coffee drinkers, street dancers, tourists… Participants pick their favourite marketing place/thing, snap a picture and then tell their story. It’s all about how people experience and understand this utterly unique place.

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