How To For Participants

How To For Participants

Thanks for participating! Here’s what we’re doing.

And here’s a PDF version!

1. Prepare Your Story —>

a) You are giving a tour of Kensington Market…

  • To someone who has never visited and wants to know what it’s all about.     (And they live far away!)
  • They want to know what Kensington Market means to you.

Your story. Your version. Your interpretation.
How you use and experience this place!

And you want to tell them exactly what this place means to you!
Why you live, work, shop, visit, walk, bike, eat, drink….here!
Why you’re here? What you’re doing? What’s so great?
Why Kensington? Why you?

b) Choose 6 scenes or locations that you want to share…

Street corner, shop, restaurant, park, window, doorway, sign, street art, fence…anything t hat represents your experience and story.
Places that are important to you, that your frequent, that you visit, that you like the look of…

Your tour can start and finish anywhere.
Your tour will take you each location.
It doesn’t have to be planned! It can be made it up as you go along!

At each location you get to take a quick picture.
At each location you get to tell a quick story.

2. Take a picture!

At each location you get to take a quick picture. Camera provided!
Something that means something to you? And represents your Market story.
Something of interest? Something you like? Something pretty?
Somewhere you’re going or visit regularly? Something stuck in your memory?  Somewhere you laughed, ate, biked, danced, kissed…

3. Tell a story!

For each picture you get to tell a quick story! 30 – 60 seconds!
Recorded for sound and video.
The structure and how you want to tell your story is completely up to you!

Your story should explain the picture and what it means to you.
Why this place? Why this location? Why this photograph? What does it mean? What is your experience here? How does this fit with your story of the Market?

4. Share!

Your story will be shared at

For participants: Andrew Wright’s credentials with Royal Roads University can be established by contacting faculty supervisor Sean Smith, at sean.14smith [at] For additional queries about the research, you may also contact Jennifer Walinga, Director, School of Communication and Culture at jennifer.Walinga[at] or 250 391-2681. The Royal Roads University Research Ethics Board can be contacted via Colleen Hoppins at colleen.hoppins[at] or 250-391-2600 ext. 4206.

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